Who We Are

Elizabeth is becoming used to the funk of teenage boys. She’s happily living with a stay-at-home-dad and his two autistic sons. She never has enough time to do all of the things, but she tries. Her favorite activities include cooking, baking, reading, crafting, yelling about politics, sports, drinking, and sleeping. She’s a self-proclaimed mega-nerd and spends entirely too much time on the computer. She’d go on, but she’s modest and uncomfortable writing about herself in third person.

Jenn is a stay at home mom with two beautiful (not so little anymore) girls. M is 9 and just getting into that fun age where they talk back, roll eyes and everything you do is an embarrassment to them.  (Which she takes full advantage of).   S is 5 and a wild child, or as her Grandmother would say, “spirited.”  S is also super girly, a drama queen and nothing like her mother!  Jenn is a sports fanatic, chocoholic, and bookworm who would pack everyone up in a heart beat and move south if she could.

Maureen is a mom to two little girls, Mary and Lily, ages 4 and 2 1/2. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Teaching. Other roles include actress, where you may have seen her in the background of Spiderman 3, Yoga Teacher, and extremely laid back perfectionist. These days, she is navigating the world of single motherhood, exploring homeschool options, and keepin’ it real.

Lauren is a not-29-anymore single mother of a 6 year old boy who has more energy than a bunny rabbit. On cocaine. She enjoys beer, wine, bourbon, baking, feminism, The Wire, and dairy products despite her tragic lactose intolerance. She dislikes most children’s television, non-fat cheese, Fox News, Michael McDonald, and how kids just don’t listen sometimes because ohmygod your life would be SO much easier. Ahem. She lives in a house with 3 grown adults, her son, and a dog who thinks he is a cat but it’s not, like, one of those weird sister-wife things.

When Erin was fifteen, a psychic told her that she was going to die in a terrible car accident around the age of nineteen. The psychic was very specific that she would be in the front seat of a pickup truck, and that everything would end tragically. Seventeen years and twelve car accidents later, she’s beginning to think that lady wasn’t a psychic. At 32, she’s a stay-at-home Mom to a precocious one year old, and still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. She blogs totally irregularly over at blahblahmama.wordpress.com and bakes a lot of chocolate chip cookies.

Kona is a marketer by day, and some lady who watches Hulu and goes to sleep by night. She is the mother of a four-year-old son who is obsessed with superheroes and sneaks into her room when she’s sleeping and steals her iPad. She co-parents with her son’s father, who lives approximately two miles away and still hangs out with her parents. A few mini-nervous breakdowns around the time she turned thirty led to her free time being spent running, playing roller derby, and trying to find the best $6 bottle of wine at Wegmans.

Lisa is a 32 year old sorta single mom to the most loveable, crazy, genius of a little boy. Her favorite thing to do is barricade herself in the bathroom, paint her fingernails, read smutty novels and plan her escape…all while sitting in the bathtub. She used to fancy herself a work-a-holic but now that she actually lives with one she’s come to the conclusion that she’s actually pretty lazy. She is a closet smoker who loves baseball, watching a great band live, traveling (mostly to see great bands), reading, all baked goods and is a sucker for a good Old Fashioned.

Emily is a 31-yr-old mother of an endearing and aggravating 3-year-old boy. She is currently co-starring with her husband in the real-life drama, Adventures in Potty-Training. When not tearing her hair out, Emily is a photographer’s assistant who enjoys the occasional adult beverage, reading, baking, cooking up yummy veggie foods, and high-quality reality housewife TV programs. Outside of the home she is involved in the worlds of roller derby and rec league soccer. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and thanks to Pinterest, Emily is taking her family straight to hell with her good Pintentions. (See what I did there??)

In between downing large cups of coffee and being a kick ass feminist, Callie Garp likes to blog, paint and print. She went to a small school in New Hampshire for a bachelors in Fine Arts and is about to move to the big city of Boston to pursue her masters in Painting. She lives with her soon-to-be-wife (in a brief matter of weeks) and their three adorable and annoying cats. She writes a feminist art blog over at calliegarp.wordpress.com and attempts to share her feminist convictions in her Etsy shop, FabulouslyFeminist. She sometimes wishes she had an extra arm to balance all this.

Liz is a single, sober, and 30-something. She is not a mom, but she has one, and is friends with a few. Her full-time job is in the sex industry, and she is forever thankful that she found a career where she is expected to say the “f” word on a daily basis. She was once quoted in a Vice article about sex work. She thinks running long distances is fun, in that crazy sort of way. All posts are coauthored by her pet snake, Steve.


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