Re-up Lettuce!

So, I’m no green thumb.  For sure.  My mom has always been a huge advocate for fresh flowers and house plants making people happy and your house feel loved and lived in.  There were many years in which every time she came to visit she would bring house plants.  By the time she’d come by a couple of months later the previous gift would be dead and often really dusty.

Virginia gardens, like a professional.  We have four above ground garden boxes she built from cedar and is keeping greens, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, herbs, lettuces all alive and thriving spite these damn earth worms that are eating everything.  

I am grateful to have all of the fresh produce to cook with, and feel that is my contribution to our small attempts at self sufficiency.  

That said, you can do this with lettuce and green onions and probably other vegetables that have the roots still intact when you purchase them.  Just wanted to share because it’s super easy and really kind of awesome.

Cut to about two inches above the root when you use them, then simply stick them in a bowl of water, changing the water every couple of days, and place in a semi sunny spot and they will keep growing!


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