A different college education

I am a fanatical college football fan.  I have had a subscription to Sports Illustrated since I was in high school.  I LOVE to read about the human interested or behind the player/coach stories, but this last week there was one article that made me want to vomit.  Or go into a rage black out.  It is the 5 part story of Oklahoma State and how it’s recruiting is, to put it mildly,  less than ethical.  Of all of the parts to this story,  the one that angered me the most was the “sex” portion of the investigation. Which you can read here.  If you don’t know what I am talking about here is a little background.  There are past players and coaches that have anonymously said that when being recruited by Oklahoma State that they had sex with girls from the Orange Pride.  The Orange Pride is a hostess program, eww.  The name screams escort service.  They are suppose to be a group of coeds that help out in the athletic offices that also give new recruits a tour of the school when they come to visit.  I’m sorry where does let me take my clothes off, come in between this is the new dinning hall and look at our state of the art science labs?!  Some of these girls have also come forward saying that not all of the Orange Pride girls had sex with players, just some of them.  And they were hand picked by the coaches.  Again, eww.  I mean, this sounds like the start of a really bad porno. These girls were told it was there job to get these recruits to come to their school by any means necessary.  Sex, drugs, money, you name it, it was done.

The sad thing about this Oklahoma State story is that it is not the first of it’s kind.  A number of other universities that have hostess programs have had claims of sex for recruits.   Colorado, Arizona State, Tennessee, just to name a few, are universities that have had claims made about their hostess programs in just the last 10 years.  Tennessee’s hostess program is probably the most famous because the NY Times did an article on them and the “captain” of the hostess team has new tell all book coming out.  Her nickname was “The Closer”, that alone should tell you what will be said in this book.

The hostess program was a thing that started back in the 60’s when a college coach realized that using a cute coed to give a high school boy a tour of campus was a great way to get the kids attention.  Now those hostess programs have almost turned into escort services and with the coaches and universities becoming the pimp.  Disgusting.   This is not the kind of education I want my kids to have that is for sure.  How could a University let this happen?  I thought “integrity” and “honor” were things that these university presidents preached.  Now they turn a blind eye to the fact that their school’s football team has gone from 3-8, their 11th losing season in 12 years to 8-5 just two seasons later and going to a bowl game for just the second time since 1988.  Which, by the way, are Oklahoma States real numbers.    That kind of overnight success in college takes getting really good recruits.  Most of the nations top ranked high school players don’t want to go to a no name program.  They want to go somewhere that has a history of winning.  They want to win.  What could take them to a losing program?  Getting laid.

There is another concern that rises from all of this.  The sexual entitlement that some of these athletes have.  If a kid comes to campus and his view is that every girl there is supposed to have sex with him, then when he arrives his freshman year he’s going to think it will still be the same way.  Look at how many rapes occur on college campuses and how many of those involve athletes.   Right now they are investigating 5 Vanderbilt football players for rape charges.   Or how about looking at professional athletes.  Big Ben Rothlesberger,I am looking at you.  Just because some idiot in college thought it was OK to have some girl give you sex does not mean you can now take it from every girl you look at.  Not how that works.  Kobe Bryant, Brett Farve, Lawrence Taylor, that goes for you too.  It’s sad, pathetic and very very scary.

I love football but this is not something I will ever condone.  Hostess programs set women back decades and really are not necessary.  There are always going to be women that use their body as a way to get a mans attention, but allowing a university to take advantage of that is disgusting.  This should be above “higher education”.


  1. beth gorley

    If the women are willingly participating then its not violating their rights. Some women would see this position as a powerful one and enjoy the situation. It doesnt sound as if the women are forced. It might be shady but its a far stretch from rape. Also, being accused and being convicted are two different things so as far as Big Ben.. hes innocent.

    • Elizabeth

      I don’t agree with this comment. Yes, no one physically forced the girls, but when there’s an institutional expectation and pressure on all sides, I don’t think it’s fair to say they were willing. That applies to all cases mentioned.

      Anyways, I’m allowing a debate if y’all want to start one, let’s just keep it civil, please.

  2. Cassie

    I think the main point should be that these athletes feel that every girl needs to lay down for them and that sets us back decades

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