This week has been pretty amazing for this little blog. On Tuesday, we published a guest post from Beth that has kind of blown up. The number of visitors, the comments, the support that has just poured out for her has been overwhelming. I have not had to reject a single comment, we haven’t received any shitty emails, it’s all been incredibly positive for us – which we weren’t really expecting. So, first, thank you to all of the awesome people who’ve read and shared and y’all are fantastic.

This experience has energized us. We had some plans involving charity and awareness that were already scheduled, and now we want to do even more. We’ll be rolling out some new projects over the next few days and we’re pretty stoked about them. We’ve always felt that we had a rad community of readers and we want to expand it. We hope you join us as we try to make our little corner of the universe better.

But! Don’t worry, y’all, we’re not changing. There’s still going to be parenting stories and rants about society and funny anecdotes about getting older and/or wiser; I have some cooking tales and new book reviews in the works. We’re still here, being giant nerds and pretending like we’re adults while yelling at our children to put their damn pants on.

As always, if you want to submit a guest post or join The Damn Pants Team, just send an email to

We love you all (probably, most of you at the very least) and so appreciate the time you take to read our posts. We’re incredibly proud of what we’re trying to do, and nothing would be here if it wasn’t for our readers. A million hi-fives to you all.


    • Elizabeth

      Hi and thanks! We aren’t naming names, but if you read Beth’s piece and the comments, you may be able to infer on your own. Thanks again for your support. -E

  1. Joao Pedro

    I praise you for the heartfelt description of your experience. I came here after a facebook share that a female friend of mine made. Since I’m not from the States, I don’t know much about the NY punk rock scene, except for those iconic bands from the 70’s and 80’s and I had to look in wikipedia so I could knew about who were you writing. So, the first thing I knew about them is what you described in your post. I hope this small victory meant that you’d be able to gather enough critical mass through the multiplying effect of social media, that you could get a vindication of sorts, and that they would end up as a band forgotten by history, or at least that they would get a new wikipedia entry titled ‘controversy’ with your story in it, so that everyone would know. I know that my words won’t do much, but I had to write something after I had read your post. On a side note, this is in my opinion a very nice blog, and that’s coming from someone who dislikes the stereotypical mommy’s blog. Keep up the good work. Hugs.

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