Internal Screaming Forever

HOOBOY. So we’re obviously moving backwards in this country and every single second of the day seems to bring even more shitty news from every fucking corner of this shithole. Women have been bracing for these policies to be enacted since 2016. We’ve been fucking angry about it, there have been MULTIPLE marches protesting this trash administration, and while some men looked at us and were equally shocked and horrified, many of them, SO MANY OF THEM basically acted like we were shrieking harpies. We were, as we are so used to, treated like we were completely overreacting, because Roe v Wade CANNOT BE OVERTURNED. THE CONSTITUTION WILL PROTECT US. THE SUPREME COURT WOULD NEVER LET IT HAPPEN. Well, pals, just as women have been fucking ANGRY and TERRIFIED about for 3 years (I mean most of human history but especially the last 3 years,) overturning Roe v Wade is now a very real possibility thanks to the handiwork of a shitload of people who hate women (and all people with uteri.)

Even with this possibility (probability now? Who the fuck knows) looming above our heads like the promise of diarrhea when you’re 30 minutes from an acceptable restroom, there are still men acting like this is not as big a deal as we are making it out to be. There are men right at this very moment telling women that all of this happening right now has NOTHING to do with the fact that men are in charge because the governor of Alabama is a woman, ignoring the 25 (white, duhh) men who scooted it with haste to her fucking desk (including the OBGYN who keeps getting sued for letting his patients die, oopsie, super stoked that guy is making laws about the very bodies he’s supposed to protect!), not to mention all the other men throwing bills left and right restricting the rights of women to their OWN GODDAMN BODIES. They say, so-called “progressive” men, say that this isn’t the time for IDENTITY POLITICS. Because supporting women running for office is apparently just “identity politics.” It’s not voting for a candidate you think is best because she, say, has plans for how to keep your bodily autonomy, or plans for parental leave or daycare or education or EQUAL PAY because WE HAVE TO MAKE A LAW TO GET PAID THE SAME AS FUCKING MEN. Nope, it’s just identity politics APPARENTLY.

Woo. Okay. I’m real fired up about this and by “fired up” I actually mean ready to burn shit to the ground. Because what do we do? This administration is clearly not going anywhere and these fucking sentient trash bags filled with weasel carcasses just grow more emboldened by the day.

The answer is: A lot. There is a lot we can do. You can donate to ANY number of abortion funds around the country. Here’s a list. Maybe you want to make a special effort for the people in Alabama or Georgia, or maybe you want to do what I did and become a monthly donor to your local abortion fund. I can’t afford a ton, so I’m doing $10 a month but if everyone I know did the same, they’d have that much more! Uhh…what else? Can you volunteer some time to do literally something? Anything? Much of what I’ve seen is during hours when I’m at work but I’m off at 5 and have my weekends and honestly it’s about to be summer in central VA so we’re basically living in a hot swamp til October and if I can be somewhere inside volunteering my time instead of tending to my lawn, I’m all for it. NARAL is always looking for people to plan events! Write your local legislators. Read up on your candidates because November is right around the corner, and no, it’s not 2020 yet but I cannot stress ENOUGH how FUCKING IMPORTANT LOCAL ELECTIONS ARE. Are you living in a garbage gerrymandered state (lol like most of them right? Especially in the South.) That means your vote REALLY REALLY matters, and all the votes of your like-minded friends, family, acquaintances, and enemies (so long as they’re also committed to voting blue) also REALLY REALLY matter.

(As an aside, I’m seeing a LOT of people IRL and on social media have these stupid, long-winded 90 paragraph dissertations that ALL boil down to, “I’m pro-choice.” Every time you see someone say “I’m personally opposed to abortion but…” PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE explain to them that being pro-choice is what they mean. It’s not dirty, it’s not wrong. Say something like, ” Oh yes, I understand because I am also pro-choice.” You’ll be super shocked, sadly so, on how many people have apparently equated “pro-choice” with “infanticide,” although I guess it’s not shocking when you remember the Circus Peanut is at rallies spewing those lies and misinformation out of his little lying anus mouth.)

We need to bust our asses right now. This draconian legislation will not stop in the states it’s already affected, it’ll be on your governor’s desk before you fucking know it. Abortion is still legal in all 50 states, but growing less and less accessible by the day. Abortion is healthcare, and I can sit here and try to make it palatable for people who “don’t agree” but I’m done with that. Fuck you if you’re not pro-choice. I’ve written before about my personal choice to have my son. But it was MY choice, made because I had the resources to take care of him and, moreover, because I WANTED him. All children should be wanted ones, and all people carrying a child should be the ones to make the decision for themselves. Just like it’s not my business to tell a man to get a fucking vasectomy (although, dick-havers, look into it, they’re great) or to get his wisdom teeth pulled, it’s no one’s business to tell me what I can or cannot do with my body.

Finally, we also need to take care of ourselves and each other. I already had about 30 ragestrokes today alone looking at my fucking friends’ social media today because hot DAMN, the trash their friends comment (no one cares that YOU think rape is the only acceptable reason for abortion, Chet, and no, Susan, abortion is NOT genocide, on par with the fucking Holocaust, you insensitive piece of garbage.) May I recommend a few things? Good because this is my post and you will listen to EVERY DAMN WORD I HAVE TO SAY: Delete Facebook from at LEAST your phone. FRIEND CLEANSE. Mute or unfollow  people on Instagram. Follow people that make you happy (hamsters and drag queens if you’re me.) Spotify has a really great 90s playlist. Bake something. Drink wine (or a milkshake if you don’t drink.) Scream with your friends. Have friends. Have friends who can message you about an episode of Wife Swap with Pia Zadora and Cloris Leachman (thanks Emily, you the real MVP.) Or friends you can message with something like “I’m about to take a spiked bat to the next man who fucking condescends to me even if it’s over the phone.” And your friend says, “SAME.” All we’ve got is each other right now and we need to fight these motherfuckers with every ounce of strength we have. Abortion is normal, abortion is healthcare, abortion is necessary. Keep it SAFE, keep it LEGAL. 

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