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Sunday Family Funday

About a month ago I wandered into the local 99 cent store looking for nothing in particular, which is always a bad idea because 567 random things that I am only buying because, “they are soooo cheap” can quickly add up at 99 cents each!  This time I scored 6 medium sized terracotta flower pots, a tomato Topsy Turvy, and some tomato seedlings. Since I have the black thumb of death I figured it would be fun for Ben and I to get crafty, paint the pots and maybe grow something in them. Well, we did! We painted the pots, and went to Lowe’s to pick out some flowers to plant but Ben thought that flowers weren’t cool enough and said we should grow some things that we could eventually eat. I know nothing about keeping common house plants alive and actually killed a cactus once so gardening is definitely not something that I would add to my resume. I gave in to my little negotiator and we left Lowe’s with a huge bag of potting soil (that I ripped an even huger hole in when I was trying to shove it into the trunk of my car), 2 cucumber seedlings, a watermelon seedling and more tomato plants, because my kid is a tomato junkie and will eat them until his guts explode. Continue reading