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Sure You Can Call Me God.

I’m not religious.  My parents aren’t religious.  I grew up believing in evolution and that babies came from vaginas.  My parents were really into honesty and frank conversations with us.  They told us about religions and that it was a thing that would affect our lives if we chose to participate or not.  I had a very vague idea of who this god fella was supposed to be.

I went to church a lot as a kid, I had friends who’s families were religious and I was really into sleepovers on Saturday nights.  I was totally into going to church with them.  I found it to be really amusing and kind of like gym class, lots of standing up and sitting down and sometimes singing and then hugging strangers who were really concerned that I looked like a boy.  It was an experience like no other to me.  My family didn’t do that, ever, at all.  We spent our Sunday morning eating sausage gravy and climbing trees. Continue reading