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Luck Should Have Nothing To Do With It

I got the call from the gynecologist’s office yesterday. My pap came back with some “abnormalities.” Time to schedule the colposcopy; I go in two weeks. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, I went through this about 8 years ago. I completely freaked out then, I just knew I was riddled with cancer. I remember feeling pukey for weeks, first waiting for the procedure, then test results. Everything was fine and I’m sure that’s how this time will turn out as well. I’m more annoyed than worried, it’s not a comfortable procedure, having your cervix scraped and biopsies taken and whatnot. But. But. IF it isn’t nothing, and it is, but if not, this discovery is early in the process, I’d be able to get the treatment I need quickly and probably/hopefully be over it without a lot of fuss.

I’d be lucky.
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