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Guest Post: Raising A Girly-Girl

Another great post from Melissa. I don’t know how she does it.

My daughter’s favorite song is “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. And Macklemore & Lewis “Thrift Store” and “Can’t Hold Us” are close behind. She’s two. Epic. Parenting. Fail.

I have a lot of parenting fails throughout a day. The amount of TV we watch. That I will give her a cookies as a snack. That she knows how to shoot the Nerf gun with amazing accuracy (my poor dog). Sometimes, we don’t even make it out of pajamas until after her nap. At 3pm. And only because my husband is coming home and he will not be pleased. That she can use the camera on my phone without ever unlocking it. The documentation of her life should be a coffee table book.

She has some awesome moments, too. When she and her brother hug and snuggle and they read stories together. When she squeals with delight about going to the library. We won’t discuss the behavior when she’s there. How patient she is as we go grocery shopping. That she is learning her letters already and will point out E’s and O’s everywhere. When she burps or farts, which she does amazingly well, she always giggles and says, “‘Cuse me!”

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