In The Kitchen: Chocolate Chip Cookie/Brownie Bars

In The Kitchen is a sporadic (word of the day!) column featuring what we’re eating and making. Warning: Your ass may get fat. But in an awesome way.

My food therapy

My food therapy

This weekend has been a total shitshow and I don’t want to even try to process it at this time. So, I went to my happy place, Pinterest. I found a pin for Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies and figured that amount of chocolate would make me feel better.

The recipe is simple – brownies, chocolate chip cookies – but because you’re making two things, it takes a little longer and needs some pre-planning to get everything together on time. Is it worth it? After a day like today, after a weekend like this, after a really hard week? Absolutely.

Recipe can be found here…

Gooooooey, chocolatey comfort

Gooooooey, chocolatey comfort

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