Taking the [monetary] Plunge

Swipe swipe, we just charged $2000 to my HSA card for sperm.  Yup.  Aside from my car, which doesn’t really count because I’m still paying for it, this is the single largest purchase of my life.  The money doesn’t bother me, it’s essentially free money, a perk of my job, it’s the true committment to this that only money or pregnancy can denote.

We had an appointment with the real baby doctor on Thursday.  He’s kind of a weird guy, which I guess you’d have to be to inject previously frozen sperm into women all day, but still, he’s weird.  The appointment was, for lack of a better word, easy.  We sat down in his office, he had three different flip books to explain the reproductive system and the different choices we had for sans mans pregnancy.  He went through them, allowing plenty of awkward silences for our minds to wonder, and for us to ask, what were probably, really dumb questions, nevermind make inappropriate jokes.

We talked about the options, as illustrated (literally) by the flip books.  We decided on what was best for us, considering my age and how hard pressed we really were to make this happen.  He sent us in to talk to the nurse who had us sign a couple of forms, gave us a printout of the instructions and price list and instructed us to go home and order some juice. 

We walked out of the office, feeling bonded and relieved.  It seemed and still seems, a couple of days later, way to easy.  All this stress, so many unanswered questions, so few reliable internet resources and all we have to do now is go home, log into our account with the sperm bank, order juice and wait until I piss a smiley face on one of those ovulation tests.  Come back in, he injects some swimmers into my uterus and hopefully a few weeks later I’ll piss another smiley face, only on a different stick.

THAT’S REALLY FUCKING IT?  Everything leading up to this moment made it seem like it would be this super complicated series of evalutions, blood tests, vaginal exams.  Nope.  Smiley, swimmers, smiley, BABY.

So, yeah, baby juice is, more or less, on it’s way to the freezer at the fertility doctor’s office and in about a month we could, by his estimates very likely, be expecting.

The emotions that come along with sort of emotional relief can not be put into words.  The excitement and nervousness we both feel can only intensify.  Thanks to everyone out there for your support through this, so far. 



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