Happy Mother’s Day

Thank you to all of the mothers I know. Thank you to my mother, Tracy, for loving me unconditionally, for teaching me that getting lost can be the beginning of an adventure, that there’s always room for more people, that giving can be a calling. Thank you to my stepmother, Stephanie, for showing my weird little family unflinching love and acceptance, for having a bottomless well of energy, for giving me a second family filled with more siblings and more people to love. Thank you to my sister, Alyssa, for starting the next generation, for going through a difficult pregnancy and childbirth with stubborn strength, for sending me pictures of my niece regularly.

Thank you to all of the women writing on this blog. Each of them has shared beautiful stories of mothering that make me proud to be a part of this project. They are all different on the surface, but unapologetic in who they are. They have made me laugh, made me cry and made me happy that the internet exists. This has been an amazing experience and I’m excited for the future of this site.

Thank you to my guy, who made me a mother. Who has been patient with me as I slowly figure out this parenting gig. Who raised two boys through all kinds of hardships and bad times, but managed to stay optimistic and open to the possibility of a better life. Who knew before I did that this was where I belonged. Who never doubted me or us, who makes me laugh and weak in the knees, sometimes simultaneously.

Thank you to my boys, Cal and Charlie. I may not have grown them myself, but they live inside me nonetheless. They are frustrating and delightful and sweeter than anything. I love them more than I know what to do with some days, even as they try my last nerve. I’ve never had more fun or more challenges and I am looking forward to more of everything. They are my stink monsters and I love them without reservation.

And, lastly, thank you, person reading this. I don’t know who you are, but I appreciate your time and feedback. This site has given me an outlet I didn’t know I needed, and I hope you enjoy what we all have to say. You’ve made this more rewarding than I expected and I am so stoked for our future.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone. It may be a bullshit holiday, but I hope you had a fantastic one.

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  1. marissa

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for giving everyone an outlet, putting this together, keeping folks motivated, and giving me things to read that right now, I truly need to read. This little community on the internet has made a crazy newborn experience a good deal easier to navigate by lending perspective and laughter through some pretty trying times. Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.

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