Back to school, don’t you mean back to hell?

Am I the only one dreading the return of the school year? Here in sunny CA school starts in less than 2 weeks. AGGHHH!! Less than 2 weeks of lunch hours spent however I want, in less than 2 weeks pedicure bliss and eating with adults will be gone. I was unable to get my boy into one of the after school programs on campus and will be playing taxi every afternoon at 2:15 until a space opens up for him. I did it last year, it was hell! The only good thing is that he will be out of school later and I won’t be taking lunch at 10:30 in the morning, but worse than the loss of my “free time” is the fact that I am implementing school schedules now and that is going less than awesome. In a nut shell, I am not looking forward to him going back to school. I wish I could rewind to the baby stage. I feel like those times were much easier, he didn’t talk back, I could get him dressed in 2 minutes flat and be out the door on time every day. Those days are history and a brand new type of fun has begun.

About 2 months into the last school year my son was diagnosed with ADHD, it took the bulk of the year to figure out what worked for him in class and what did not. We found out that he does not like to sit in circle time, he doesn’t like people too close to him, he needs to be first or last in line (not in the middle) and he doesn’t reaallllyyyy appreciate loud noises, such as singing in class or people shouting close to him. It was a long process but two weeks before the end of the year we got a 504 plan in place for him. I am hopeful that this year will bring a happy boy who is eager to learn. However, I cannot set aside my fears that the case will not be so bright and sunny.

I have been researching every possible thing to help him, high protein diet, extra omega 3 vitamins, attempting to eliminate food dyes (which isn’t too hard because he is a fruit and vegetable junkie, but loves Gatorade and juice). I have also read that eliminating cow’s milk helps but doing that is going to be rough because he drinks milk all the time. It’s hard to gauge how he is doing with these little changes because he is in daycare all day and that pretty much means he is just playing all day with no real structure. He seems a little more pleasant at night and I haven’t gotten any calls from the daycare which must be a good sign but as I learned last year, the “no news is good news” saying is not true, AT ALL! In my experience no news means the exact opposite of good news. I will go into this school year with this mantra, “this year will be better, I will be proactive, try my hardest to be patient and to help him in any way I can.” And repeat….

Here’s to kicking first grade’s ass!


  1. Elizabeth

    You should see if you can get after-school care as part of his IEP because that is ridiculous. The boys have door to door bus service, even something like that might help?

  2. lisapthatsme

    At this point he only has 504 accomodations, it was my understanding that an IEP would be introduced if he was diagnosed with a learning disability. I will definitely look into it though.

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