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Back to school, don’t you mean back to hell?

Am I the only one dreading the return of the school year? Here in sunny CA school starts in less than 2 weeks. AGGHHH!! Less than 2 weeks of lunch hours spent however I want, in less than 2 weeks pedicure bliss and eating with adults will be gone. I was unable to get my boy into one of the after school programs on campus and will be playing taxi every afternoon at 2:15 until a space opens up for him. I did it last year, it was hell! The only good thing is that he will be out of school later and I won’t be taking lunch at 10:30 in the morning, but worse than the loss of my “free time” is the fact that I am implementing school schedules now and that is going less than awesome. In a nut shell, I am not looking forward to him going back to school. I wish I could rewind to the baby stage. I feel like those times were much easier, he didn’t talk back, I could get him dressed in 2 minutes flat and be out the door on time every day. Those days are history and a brand new type of fun has begun.
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Counting to infinity

Within the first month of Ben’s elementary school career he was diagnosed with ADHD – combined type, which means not only does he have trouble focusing, he also has trouble sitting still or being quiet for long, or even short periods of time. Pretty much unless there is a video game controller, crayon, paintbrush or Lego in his hands he’s moving around, singing at the top of his lungs or laughing maniacally at nothing. Since the diagnosis, he has taken several different medications, different dosages and combinations of different medications with different dosages. I’m pretty sure any adult taking them would be disassembling and reassembling their vacuum cleaner just because. Basically, I went against everything I have ever said and drugged my child, bad mommy!

Cut to six months later and let me tell you…I am frustrated! More frustrated than October Road being cancelled and having no hope of ever finding out who that kids dad is! I am tired of the negative reports I get from his kindergarten teacher every day when I pick him up from school, just before she tells me he how much time he spent in the office that day. It really pisses me off that he is sent to the office on a daily and ends up missing out on valuable class time. And the teacher wonders why he is so far behind the other kids in his class. I am tired of the unanswered questions and not having the resources to figure out where to go and what to do next! I am not asking someone to hold my hand and skip through this wonderful world of IEP’s, 504 Plans, medication or support groups with me….just a little help.

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The American Dream, Strokes and Meeting My Mother.

My mother was supposed to be a stay at home mom.  That was my parent’s arrangement.

My mother made friends with the other military wives on base, where we lived.  She and her best friend, Vicky, were much ahead of their time.  She wanted to do more for her family. She wanted to look out for her kids, going against societal pressures.  She and Vicky joined the La Leche League, they led their own group.  My brother is not circumcised.  We wore organic cloth diapers.  We didn’t have strollers, she carried us around in slings close to her chest.  We coslept.  She gave birth at home, with an underground midwife.  We weren’t vaccinated.  She homeschooled all four of her kids for a number of years.  She was really, really fucking committed to this raising kids thing.

She would go on to start her own cloth diaper business.  It started out as a mail-order business.  She took out ads in Mothering Magazine.  She opened a small store front, in Maine, in a teeny tiny little town.  She employed a few women, Part Time, as business picked up.  She sold wooden toys, books, cotton kids clothes, and of course her handmade cloth diapers.  It only lasted a few years and she sold the business, along with her diaper designs.

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