Get Off Your Ass and VOTE

Tomorrow is Election Day. Here in Virginia, it’s a deal because we’re voting on a new Governor. I could really get into why you should vote for Terry McAuliffe because Ken Cuccinelli is batshit insane and more than a little evil with his stances on women, choice, sexual freedom, poverty, education, health care and immigration. I won’t get started on the certifiable mad man the Republicans chose to run for Lt. Governor. Or why it’s important for Mark Herring to become Attorney General. This isn’t a post about all of that, even though it very easily could be. This is just a simple request to vote.

I’m one of those political idealists who believe that every vote matters. I have yelled at friends and strangers to vote. I know the “excuses” – it’s a corrupt system, both parties are only interested in the wealthy and corporations, that my vote won’t matter because I live in x district, that the candidates all suck and it’s simply the lesser of two evils and blah blah blah. I call bullshit on all of it.

When you don’t vote, you let them win. There are organizations that spend a lot of money and time convincing you that you are inconsequential. That this system is broken and there’s no point anymore. And it’s really easy to believe that, I know. But, here’s the thing, every vote counts exactly the same. You can pour millions of dollars into a campaign, but on election night, you are simply one vote for or against, and I am simply one vote for or against. It’s why they work so hard to make sure you don’t go out and vote. In that booth, we all have the exact same amount of power.

Don’t give your power away. Get off your ass and vote.

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