“Adopt a Mom” charity to benefit the women of Bethany House of NOVA

Today’s guest post is from my friend Devon Brookshire: “a small business owner as an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay, and I was a victim of Domestic Violence for 10 years. So I created ‘Adopt a Mom’ to give a token of love to the women who are facing perhaps the hardest Holiday Season of their lives so far.” (As someone who has stayed in a place like Bethany House and experienced a Christmas right after leaving a domestic violence situation, I can tell you that gifts like this do help! -Maureen)


So I’m attempting to surprise someone. She has had to go into “protective care” because she finally realized that if she didn’t leave, her husband was literally going to be the death of her. This woman is so courageous, and I don’t think she knows that there is anyone who truly understands and cares right now. She’s going to be there for Christmas. They have this awesome program so that her two, small children will have gifts “from her”, but she won’t have anything from a soul to tell her that someone cares for her.

…Will you be that someone?


Please, “Adopt a Mom” this Christmas. Use this gifting service to give a small token of appreciation for their stand against the endurance of Domestic Violence. $12 a Mom. Due Nov. 25th. Goal: 100 Mom’s. So far we have 28. To make your donation, however large or small, please go to: http://www.marykay.com/dbrookshire/en-US/Body-Sun/Fragrance-Free-Satin-Hands-Hand-Cream/160303.partId?eCatId=10001

There, you put the quantity of how many hand creams you would like to purchase for the gifts, and make a secure online payment for your donation. The total charge per hand cream will be $12, no tax. The hand creams will put put into gloves, tied with a beautiful bow, and affixed with a tag that has either your name or whatever small message you would like to give to your “Adopted Mom”. (Put your message in the comments section of your order).

To see the thank you video I created last year, that shows the creation of the gift, view it here on YouTube:


These gifts will be given on Christmas morning to the women of Bethany House of NOVA (http://www.bhnv.org/). Any extra gifts we receive will go to the women in their after-care program they have for the women who have successfully re-built their lives and are freshly on to bigger and better things.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Devon Brookshire: DevonMarie83@gmail.com or 703-505-4230

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