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Really.  I do.  My oven, far as I know, is entirely capable of cooking a bun.

So, I always wanted kids.  Always.  When I was a kid and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would tell them I wanted to be a mom.  I didn’t ever think about the logistics of that or what my family, exactly, would look like; just like when you ask a six year old what he wants to be and he says, “Optimus Prime”, it doesn’t god damn matter what he will have to do or even what he’ll do when he IS Optimus Prime, that’s what he’s gonna be.

This longing to have children wasn’t just to be someone’s mom.  I wanted to carry them, birth them, breastfeed them.  As I moved from fantastical child into early adulthood I realized that being single, working in the industry I work in, that pays well, but not over the top, would present a challenge.  I was determined, none the less, and around 20 I started looking into lesbian (who doesn’t want to fuck dudes to get pregnant) friendly options.  There are numerous sperm banks out there and one relatively close, affordable and easy to work with.

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