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Want to yell at your kids? Make them laugh instead

Patience is not my virtue. I am actually pretty notorious for being impatient, snappy, and an overall dickhead when I feel as though people are wasting my time with their stupidity. This is why it surprises everyone, including myself, that I have a seemingly unending well of patience for my child.

I was reading Lauren’s post on yelling, and it made me think about a few recent instances in which my kid has made me want to rip my hair out. They were your typical childhood situations: we were running late for school/work, and he just Couldn’t. Get. His. Damn. Shoes. On. Or, he lost at Candyland and threw a fit. Both times, I could feel my temperature rising. But neither time I yelled. Instead, I’ve found two things that work about 90% of the time: make one or both of you laugh, or just give him a hug until you feel your blood pressure lower.

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