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Two is hard, don’t let anyone tell you differently

I know the grammar in the title is incorrect, but that’s what you get when you’re running on four hours of sleep and a beer (don’t judge me…both kids are down for a nap).

I have two kids. And life, right now, is kind of hard. It’s mostly happy, but it’s hard.

Someone once told me that going from 1-2 kids is way easier that going from 0-1. I call bullshit.

Being a new mother to a brand new baby is always hard. Especially when it’s your first. (And I bet, especially, especially, if you’re a single parent).
However, at least that’s the only other being you have to focus on.

When you have two kids, everything becomes a little fuzzier. You try to focus on the baby, while running, yes, literally, running, after the other one.

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