Two is hard, don’t let anyone tell you differently

I know the grammar in the title is incorrect, but that’s what you get when you’re running on four hours of sleep and a beer (don’t judge me…both kids are down for a nap).

I have two kids. And life, right now, is kind of hard. It’s mostly happy, but it’s hard.

Someone once told me that going from 1-2 kids is way easier that going from 0-1. I call bullshit.

Being a new mother to a brand new baby is always hard. Especially when it’s your first. (And I bet, especially, especially, if you’re a single parent).
However, at least that’s the only other being you have to focus on.

When you have two kids, everything becomes a little fuzzier. You try to focus on the baby, while running, yes, literally, running, after the other one.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful that I was able to have two healthy children and I love them dearly, but together (collectively), they are a pain in the ass.

I recently had lunch with an old friend that just had her first baby. It was fun to watch her dote over her sweet little angel while I was (meanwhile) trying to breastfeed my son and corral my two year old daughter into the booth where we were going to eat. It was nice to have an almost real conversation while she was gently rocking her daughter and I was trying to get mine to “color a picture for mommy” and get my son to stop crying by stuffing him into the ergo carrier and shoving a pacifier into his mouth. (In reality, I’m a little more gentle than that, but in at the time, that’s what it felt like). It was at that point that I really realized (remember, four hours of sleep) that I am really juggling TWO kids.

I do have an amazing husband that is great with the kids, but he works full time and I am alone with them most of the time. And I realize that I am not the only stay at home mom that has to juggle more than one kid. I’m just saying…that it’s hard. And the women that make it look easy probably break down when they get home and drink a bottle of wine and eat a carton if cookies in their pantry. No judgement.

So, those of you that have two (or more) kids, I feel you. I know that your life is hard. And those of you that have one kid, your life is hard too. Kids are hard. But, from what I hear, it gets easier. There will always be hard phases, but I think (and hope) that it gets easier.

Keep on keepin’ on, mamas! That’s all we can do.

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